Types of Rice (Product):

1. Miniket Rice
2. Nijarshail Rice

Our Capacity:

a. We have 17 thousand square feet rice threshing and cleaning floor.
b. 36,000 kilogram/ hour capacity of 03 Boilers, c.
c. 4 (four) high-tech Colour Sorter machines to sort marketable and rejected rice grains with the capacity of 50 metric ton rice sorting per day.
d. Processing of rice from paddy with the capacity 20,300 metric ton per annum.
e. More that thousand manpower involved in Rice processing
f. Strong Collection and distribution channel with skill supply chain.
g. Heavy machineries and Trucks to produce and supply to clients.
Our Agro based grain production, collection and processing quality is better standard and we consider the consumer satisfaction and health along with buyers’ instruction compliance and LC terms and condition strictly before shipment.